About Us:

Welcome to White Orthodontics, where we proudly serve the residents of O’Fallon and Florissant, Missouri with the most advanced and comprehensive orthodontic care available.

Dr. Richard White, Dr. Whitney N. D. Hewitt and their team are dedicated to staying on the cutting-edge of the latest advancements in the orthodontic field to ensure you achieve and maintain a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime.

Advanced Braces
We understand that each patient has different needs and desires. We take pride in offering our patients a full range of braces to choose from, including clear braces, stainless steel braces, and Invisalign® clear aligners, which are more suitable for mature teens and adults.

Affordable Orthodontics
Our doctors believe that having a beautiful, straight smile shouldn’t be a financial burden. We offer a variety of affordable payment options to help make your treatment affordable. Our financial team will also file insurance claims for you to ensure you receive your maximum benefit.

At White Orthodontics, your smile is our top priority! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. White received his Bachelor of Science Degree from St. Louis University and his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree (D.D.S.) from the University of Missouri Kansas City School of Dentistry where he earned Omicron Kappa Upsilon academic honors. He also completed his orthodontic residency at UMKC and received a Master of Science Degree during his residency. He is an active member in the American Association of Orthodontists, the American Dental Association, and the Greater St. Louis Dental Society.

Dr. White enjoys visiting local schools to teach children about the importance of good oral hygiene and the benefits of a great smile!

Dr. White was raised in the St. Charles area and is proud to have the opportunity to serve his hometown community. He and his wife, Kristy, have three children, and now reside and are actively involved in the O’Fallon Community.

Dr. White is recognized as a “specialist” in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics by the State of Missouri.

Dr. Whitney Hewitt completed her undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at the University of Missouri before earning her Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Dentistry, where she went on to complete her residency and earn her specialty certification in orthodontics in 2016.

During her time at UMKC, Dr. Hewitt was the recipient of several notable awards, including the Top Scholar Award, the Colgate Research Award, the Dr. William S. Kramer Award of Excellence and the Quintessence Award for Research Achievement, just to name a few.

To stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Hewitt maintains active memberships in numerous prestigious professional organizations, such as the American Association of Orthodontists, American Dental Association and Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society. During her time at UMKC, Dr. Hewitt served as chapter president of both the American Association of Women Dentists and the American Association of Dental Research-Student Research Group.

Dr. Hewitt participates in various continuing education meetings and seminars in order to stay abreast of the always-changing technological advancements in the orthodontic field. She is a certified Invisalign provider, and she is in the process of completing her board certification with the American Board of Orthodontics.

Meet Our Staff

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: Time Travel; Travel back in time or to visit the future

Favorite thing about our patients: They are so kind to us. I have made so many friends getting to know our patients!

Amazing accomplishment: I finished my bachelor's degree a semester early.

Fun fact: I was a patient here when I was 7 years old and I was the BEST at wearing my headgear!

Insurance Coordinator

Superpower wish: Flying! (Traffic is a bummer!)

Favorite thing about our patients: Their excitement for treatment.

Amazing accomplishment: To be achieved; the best is yet to come!

Fun fact: We are in the process of owning farm animals.

Party Planner/ Front Office Coordinator

Superpower wish: Omnilingualism

Favorite thing about our patients: Their smiling faces!

Amazing accomplishment: Olson & White Orthodontics was my 1st job and I started 13 years ago!

Fun fact: I have never had braces.

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: Mind control... so I can make patients wear their rubberbands!

Favorite thing about our patients: Their funny excuses for not having their teeth brushed and building great relationships with them through their treatment.

Amazing accomplishment: I have my Master of Science degree in Health Care Administration.

Fun fact: I have had braces THREE times, be sure to wear your retainers!

Accounts Payable

Superpower wish: Travel around the world (probably just the USA) in a RV!

Favorite thing about our patients: They are young & fun.

Amazing accomplishment: Raising 3 daughters who have amazing, successful careers!

Fun fact: Traveled to London with my mom & traveled to Ireland with my brother.

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: That I could be in numerous places at one time.

Favorite thing about our patients: Watching the transformation of their smiles.

Amazing accomplishment: Raising four beautiful children.

Fun fact: I have had braces twice!

Front Office Coordinator

Superpower wish: Teleportation to get my kids everywhere they need to be!

Favorite thing about our patients: To see them so excited about their beautiful smiles!

Amazing accomplishment: My 4 amazing kids!

Fun fact: Most of my relatives live in France- My favorite country to visit!

Front Office Coordinator

Superpower wish: Clean my house spotless including showers in under 30 minutes.

Favorite thing about our patients: Seeing parents so excited when their child's braces come off.

Amazing accomplishment: Leaving family and friends behind in Michigan and establishing a great life with my husband and kids here in Missouri!

Fun fact: Huge Red Wings fan!

Treatment Coordinator/ Insurance Coordinator

Superpower wish: Well, flying, duh! To visit family who live far away!

Favorite thing about our patients: How much fun we have.

Amazing accomplishment: Completing military training and 4 years active duty military.

Fun fact: My nickname is George.

Treatment Coordinator

Superpower wish: Healing; The ability to heal the sick or injured (especially animals in need).

Favorite thing about our patients: People come in as patients and leave as friends.

Amazing accomplishment: That I make it through each day without injuring myself.

Fun fact: The shape of my ears are different from each other.

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: The more calories you eat, the more weight you lose!

Favorite thing about our patients: Watching their smiles change.

Amazing accomplishment: I have worked here 30 years so far!

Fun Fact: I have 2 turtles.

Lab Technician

Superpower wish: To be as fast as Flash.

Favorite thing about our patients: Their happy faces the day they get their braces off.

Amazing accomplishment: I raised 3 boys.

Fun Fact: My dog competed in a frisbee competition.

Accounts Manager

Superpower wish: I wish I could be in more than one place at the same time.

Favorite thing about our patients: I love to see how excited they are on debond day!

Amazing accomplishment: I gave birth to 5 sons in 6 years.

Fun fact: I love watching the Blues and the Cardinals play.

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: To be Wonder Woman- To use the rope of truth!

Favorite thing about our patients: Their cute, fun personalities.

Amazing accomplishment: Raising two wonderful sons.

Fun fact: I love learning about different crystals and stones!

Treatment Coordinator

Superpower wish: To see the future and travel through time.

Favorite thing about our patients: Seeing the before and after of treatment!

Amazing accomplishment: Two healthy boys!

Fun fact: I worked at Disney World.

Position: Records Assistant

Superpower wish: To be invisible when I want to....not all the time!

Favorite thing about our patients: Helping them live their best smile life.

Amazing accomplishment: Being a mom.

Fun fact: I think using a spoon is weird.

Orthodontic Assistant

Superpower wish: To be able to snap my fingers and be where ever I need to be! I hate traffic!

Favorite thing about our patients: Being able to get to know them and all the fun things we get to hear about going on in their lives!

Amazing accomplishment: My precious little boy, Maverick!

Fun fact: Dr. White was my orthodontist!